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Care Unit in Montreal

We provide care units in the following locations:

  • Domaine des Cascades

  • La Rosière

  • Jacques-Cartier

  • Hermitage

  • Château Vincent d'Indy

Our care unit include:

  • A living environment adapted to seniors with cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia

  • Error control to prevent running away through coded door systems

  • Trained staff with a comforting approach

  • Dining room in the prosthetic wing

  • Human values

  • 24-hour presence of staff in the unit

  • Adapted daily activity programme

  • Regular assessment and monitoring of health status by a registered nurse

  • All-inclusive formula: 3 meals and snacks, laundry, bedding, housekeeping, etc.

  • Personalised care plan for each resident

  • Peace of mind for families and loved ones

  • Respect for the person's rhythm and normalises certain behaviours linked to cognitive disorders.

  • Personalised support with dignity

  • Close management of medication

  • Common areas dedicated to prosthetic wings

  • Secure outdoor terrace (Domaine des Cascades, Hermitage only)

Available jobs

Apply for one of our positions if you are interested and qualified to work with older people.

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